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Building a living legacy

As attorneys, we have the privilege and responsibility to uphold the law and improve to the lives of our clients and fellow citizens. As community leaders, we also have the responsibility to lead by example, creating change for the greater good of society.

This is how the idea of building Romano Law Group’s new office building, the EcoCentre (the Living Building), was borne. We realized that it’s not enough to recycle, not litter and love the outdoors. Businesses and community leaders need to enhance the environment.

Located in downtown Lake Worth, on the site of Dr. Randolph Romano’s (John Romano’s father) original medical practice, the innovative 33,000-square-foot EcoCentre incorporates natural “living” systems and green technologies designed to save energy, reduce CO2 emissions and water consumption, and create an overall healthier environment. Registered with the U.S. Green Building Council, the EcoCentre is also seeking Gold L.E.E.D. certification, demonstrating that the project has been planned, designed and completed with a primary goal of environmental enhancement.

The Living Machine

Palm Beach County’s first green, “living” building also features the Living Machine®, an on-site water purification and recycling technology that treats gray water (from the sinks and showers) and re-uses it for irrigation, further reducing potable water consumption in the building. In addition, rainwater from the rooftop is collected in an 8000-gallon cistern and re-used for flushing toilets, and air-conditioning condensate becomes the source of fish pond water, which is used to irrigate interior landscaping.


At Romano Law Group, we consider it part of our civic duty to give back to our clients, the community—and the planet. If you have any questions about the EcoCentre or your legal rights in any matter, please call us.