5 to Drive: Tips for Teen Driver Safety Week

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5 to Drive: Keep Teen Drivers AliveThis week is National Teen Driver Safety week. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s campaign 5 to Drive draws attention to the 5 greatest dangers facing teen drivers: texting, seat belt use, distraction of passengers, driving under the influence, and speeding.

From 15-19 years old, the leading cause of death in the United States is motor vehicle accidents. Over 2,500 teens lose their life each year because of car accidents and more than 130,000 are injured.

Teen Driver Safety Week is the time for parents to really take the time to talk about driving safety with their teens. 5 to Drive are the 5 simple steps to remember to keep your teen driver safer on the road.

5 to Drive

  1. Never drink and drive.
  2. Buckle up every time.
  3. No text is worth a life.
  4. Never speed.
  5. Never have more than one passenger.

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