Arbitration: Privatizing the Justice System

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Arbitration clauses are buried in many contracts that consumers sign every day, such as cell phone contracts, car purchasing contracts, and even employment contracts. Consumers sign them without a second thought because they are told it is a standard contract. Everyone signs them, but what few consumers realize is that most of these contracts contain arbitration clauses.

Signing Away Your Right to Trial

These arbitration clauses take away your right to a trial. You are signing away your right to have your day in court with the company should any issues arise between you. Watch this report from the New York Times about a couple forced to use arbitration when their car was repossessed. 

Big businesses across the country are using arbitration clauses to privatize the justice system. They take valid claims out of the hands of the court system and put them in the hands of arbitrators and rules that favor big business.

In an examination conducted by the New York Times of 25,000 arbitration cases conducted between 2010 and 2014, an array of troubling cases were uncovered. From one plaintiff paying $150,000 for one six-hour arbitration to organizations demanding Christian arbitrations where biblical scripture determines the rulings.

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