Cheaper Gas Leads to More Accident Fatalities

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You have probably noticed a decrease in price at the gas pump lately. But did you know there's a correlation between lower gas prices and more traffic accidents and fatalities?

Guangqing Chi of South Dakota State University studies the effect of gas prices on motor vehicle fatalities. In one study, he found that a decline of 20 cents per gallon resulted in an additional 15 deaths per year in Minnesota. He says that a $2 drop in gas prices can mean an additional 9,000 deaths on American roadways.

Factors that contribute to higher fatalities include more traffic and less careful driving at lower gas prices. When gas prices are high, drivers will try to conserve gas by combining trips, such as picking up groceries on the way home instead of making an extra trip. Fewer trips equate to fewer chances for accidents. In addition, drivers tend to slow down, accelerate slowly and maintain steady speeds in order to conserve gas when gas prices are high. This translates into more careful drivers on the road.

No matter what the gas price, remember to drive safely out there.

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