Dangers of Tailgating

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Tailgating car accident attorney Palm Beach FLBeing tailgated by another vehicle can be a frightening experience. Tailgating is an incredibly aggressive driving maneuver that does not provide either vehicle sufficient room to react to changes in traffic and can easily lead to a car accident.

As a common rule, you need to allow at least a one-car gap between yourself and a car in front of you in town, and a two-car gap on the highway. Tailgating occurs when someone who is either speeding or driving aggressively closes that gap, often coming within inches of another car’s bumper.

In Florida, tailgating is a ticketable offense. With over 2 million rear-end accidents reported each year in this country, you can see why Florida chose to fine those who follow too closely. Rear-end accidents can result in serious life-long injuries. The drivers responsible for such catastrophic injuries should be held accountable for their actions.  

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