Fall Prevention Awareness

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avoiding falls for the elderlyThis is Fall Prevention Awareness Week. Among older adults, falls are the leading cause of injury. A fall can seriously injure an older adult and may impede their independence and lessen their quality of life.

These home safety tips may help your elderly loved one avoid a serious fall:

  • Keep walkways clear. Inside and outside the house, keeping pathways clear of clutter ensures that your loved one doesn’t trip over magazines, toys, or gardening tools.
  • Store frequently used items close by. Medications, knitting needles, or anything that your loved one reaches for every day should be kept in close proximity to where it will be used. Fewer trips to and from separate rooms means fewer opportunities for tripping.
  • Keep walkways well lighted. Whether it is stairways or front sidewalks, make sure the areas are well lit to prevent accidental tripping in the dark, especially over uneven surfaces.

Has your loved one been injured by a fall on someone else’s property?  Property owners are responsible for keeping their premises safe.

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