Post-Christmas Product Recalls

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We all remember the joy of getting a brand new gadget on Christmas. For some of you, that joy could be the pleasure of watching your child open that much-desired toy. For others, it might be the pleasure that comes even as an adult from tinkering with a new smart phone or tablet.

However, that joy can quickly curdle if you discover that the product is defective and dangerous. At the Romano Law Group, our Palm Beach defective products attorneys have seen how poorly designed toys and electronics can put innocent consumers in danger.

The US government maintains a webpage,, that keeps a list of recalled products. In the days and weeks after Christmas, you should keep a close eye on the site to see if any of the products you purchased for Christmas make the government's “naughty” list.

Of course, a tragically large number of people discover the defect in their product through personal experience and not a news report or government database. If that discovery comes in the form of a personal injury, you have a right to pursue compensation from the designer or manufacturer.

Romano Law Group's defective product attorneys are prepared to fight for your rights in the aftermath of an injury caused by a poorly designed or manufactured consumer good. Whether the product was a Christmas present or an everyday purchase, you have a right to a safe, effective product that works as advertised.

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