Turn On Your Headlights in Inclement Weather

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There is perhaps no more important step you can take for your safety while driving in poor weather than turning on your headlights. Doing so will make your trip extraordinarily safer and will help you avoid car accidents in the Palm Beach area.

This might sound obvious, but it's a point worth emphasizing at some length. Whether you're dealing with heavy rains, thick fog or even just the dark of night, headlights are your best weapon for avoiding disaster.

And it's not just severe weather that necessitates headlights. Even a relatively light rain fall can drastically reduce visibility. Illuminating your headlights will not only help you see what's in front of you, it will ensure that others can see you as well.

Finally, it's important to consider your legal rights. Driving without your headlights on in poor weather is illegal in the state of Florida. And if you're involved in an accident under those circumstances, your failure to illuminate your headlights will surely be used against you when determining fault and liability.

So, take the simple step of turning on your headlights whenever poor weather or night fall might reduce visibility even a little. And get your headlights checked by a certified mechanic so you can determine if they need to be replaced.

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