Who can be held liable in a truck accident?

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In most legal cases resulting from car accidents, the litigation is between the drivers of the vehicles and their accident attorneys. Truck accidents are often a different matter, and there are many other parties who may be liable for an accident. Without an experienced Palm Beach truck accident attorney, the complexities of the law can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Liable Parties

In an accident involving a commercial truck and another vehicle, there are several parties who can be held liable. These include:

  • The driver: Professional truck drivers have all the same responsibilities for safe driving as other drivers. If the driver of a commercial truck fails to follow all of the laws of the road, he can be held personally liable. Drugs and alcohol are contributing factors to accidents involving commercial trucks that can lead to catastrophic injuries.
  • The trucking company: All too often, the trucking companies put profits ahead of safety. Truck drivers can face extreme pressure to meet unrealistic schedules and be forced to drive overloaded vehicles. A truck accident attorney can investigate the circumstances of your case to determine if the trucking company is to blame.
  • Cargo Companies:  Sometimes, the trucking company can be doing all the right things but a third-party cargo company may be responsible for unsafe conditions. If the cargo company is cutting corners, trucks can be overloaded or cargo can be improperly loaded.
  • Truck and Parts Manufacturers:  defective products, including vehicles are another common problem. If the accident is the result of a badly designed or built truck, or defective parts, a truck accident attorney can find out who is responsible.

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