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Video Transcript for the Hearing Impaired:

This is really a message to my fellow and sister trial lawyers around the United States of America, and how we help jurors get through jury service. Keep in mind, that when you think of our duty to our country, people can serve in the military, people can serve by holding political office, people can serve as members of a jury. And when these jurors come to the courthouses, often they feel lost, they feel mistreated, abused and helpless. We as lawyers have a responsibility to help them; and we can’t do it directly, but we can do it indirectly.


For example, talk to the judge and other council at the pretrial conference about juror parking, about an informational packet, which can be given to each one of the jurors to assist them through their jury duty. What do we do when the jurors actually come into the courtroom? Are we helping get information to them or are we more of a hindrance? Examples; we should ask the judge to allow jurors to take notes; we should ask the judge to allow the jurors to be able to ask questions; we should help the jurors by giving them exhibits and demonstrative aids that will help them make intelligent decisions on the case.

My point here is simply this. You and I, as trial lawyers, have an obligation to help the members of the jury. We cannot do it directly, but we can do it indirectly by walking the judge through all of the things we foresee as problems and getting his or her help to make sure that these jurors are taken care of during their jury service.

Romano Law Group believes in the United States justice system and due process for all individuals accused of a crime. Every individual is innocent until proven guilty and deserves to have a case heard by a judge and jury of peers. Romano Law Group’s trial law specialists serve those accused of criminal conduct, such as driving under the influence (DUI), drug possession, assault, domestic crimes, theft, robbery and murder, as well as other legal matters requiring extensive experience in the courtroom.

What Constitutes a Crime?
Criminal law is government prosecution of individuals who are alleged to have committed an act classified as a crime. Some of these acts include:

Crimes are designated as either felony or misdemeanor offenses, depending on the severity of the act and the maximum punishment that can be imposed. In Florida, a capital felony is the most serious offense and may be punishable by life imprisonment or death. Other felony offenses of different degrees vary in punishment from life imprisonment to a year in prison. Crimes punishable by no more than a year in jail are considered misdemeanors.

Exceptional Individuals
Criminal offenses can have significant, long-term consequences, so it’s essential that anyone charged with a crime have knowledgeable criminal defense legal representation. Romano Law Group, including former prosecutor Eric Romano and 38-year trial law veteran John Romano, has handled thousands of criminal cases and hundreds of jury trials, both as prosecutors and defense attorneys. Our deep understanding of how prosecutors present cases, how a jury is selected and how cases are tried will give your case a clear advantage in the event that it goes to trial.

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