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Romano Law Group Timeline

Romano Law Group has a proud and storied history in South Florida. Here’s a glimpse into where we’ve come from and where we’re heading in the future.

1951 – Doctor Randolph Romano begins practicing medicine in Lake Worth. In his first week of practice, Dr. Romano receives a call from a man in need of medical attention who was denied care at the only area hospital because he was African American. Dr. Romano pledges to build a medical facility to serve all residents, ultimately passing this spirit of community service on to his children.

1974 – After serving as an attorney in the office of the Judge Advocate General (JAG) in the U.S. Marine Corp., John Romano embarks on a career in private practice with Cone, Wagner and Nugent, one of Palm Beach County’s first and most respected personal injury law firms.

1991 – John and Rodney Romano, along with partners Mike Eriksen and Joel Cronin, M.D., leave the Cone, Wagner and Nugent firm to establish Romano, Eriksen and Cronin. Stanley Preiser, considered one of the greatest courtroom lawyers of the 20th century, begins serving of counsel to Romano Law Group. Joining such legal legends as Clarence Darrow, Thurgood Marshall and Johnny Cochran, Stanley was inducted into the American Trial Lawyers Hall of Fame months before his death in 2009.

1993 – Rodney Romano begins serving the local community in the first of his three terms as mayor of Lake Worth.

2001 – Eric Romano joins the firm after serving three years as a prosecutor with the PBC SAO.

2003 – Todd Romano joins the firm after serving four years as a Judge Advocate in the United States Marine Corps

2007 – Attorney John Romano reorganizes Romano, Eriksen and Cronin as Romano Law Group, which serves victims suffering from auto accidentscatastrophic injurywrongful death or other personal injury claims.

Video Transcript for the Hearing Impaired:

I want to thank you for watching this video, and for visiting our site. We are hoping that you will choose us to either refer a case to or to co-
counsel a case with us. One of the things that I love about co-counseling cases with other lawyers is this, it reminds me of team efforts, of team sports, of teams building and bonding and working together. The beauty of a team effort is I need to rely upon you and depend upon you; you need to rely and depend upon me. It’s a two way street, and I promise you that when you work with me, when you work with Romano Law Group, we will put forth the best offer we have to offer in every case that we handle. It will be a trusting relationship, it will be a strong bonding relationship, and we will take every step possible to do the best we can for our mutual client. When all is said and done, I want you to be able to turn around, look back at your family and others in your law firm, and say, “Wow! That was a great co-counseling arrangement. Let’s do it again.”