Levaquin and Avelox Causing Aortic Aneurisms

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More than 26 million people are prescribed fluoroquinolones (FQLs) each year. They are the most common type of antibiotics taken in the United States. However, recent studies have shown a link between these drugs, specifically Levaquin, Avelox, and Ciprofloxacin, and aortic aneurism and aortic dissection.

Dangerous Side Effects of Levaquin and Avelox

Levaquin, Avelox, and Cipro can cause devastating injuries. People who are currently taking these antibiotics have a 124% to 143% increased risk of suffering an aortic aneurism or aortic dissection. People who have taken these antibiotics for more than 60 days in the past year have a 48% increased risk for these type of injuries.

Aortic aneurism and aortic dissection weaken the aortic walls and may cause the largest blood vessel in your body to rupture or leak – a life-threatening condition. Almost 15,000 Americans die each year from aortic aneurisms alone.

Scientists in two separate studies published in The Journal of the American Medical Association and the British Medical Journal in 2015, indicated that these powerful antibiotics can cause collagen damage that leads to aortic dissections and aneurysms. Studies dating back to the early 2000s document a strong association between fluoroquinolones and tendon rupture due to collagen damage. The FDA now requires a warning about tendon damage on these antibiotics, but no such warning exists for the potential aorta damage.

Recovery for Injuries Caused by Levaquin and Avelox

You may be able to recover compensation for the injuries caused by these antibiotics. The experienced lawyers at the Romano Law Group can assess your case and help you understand your rights, which may include eligibility to recover compensation for medical bills, emotional distress, time away from work, and other damages.

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