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You may ask yourself as a potential referral lawyer or co-counsel with us, why work with John Romano? Why work with Romano law group? Here’s how I would answer that question. You can trust us, you can depend upon us, we will be loyal to the effort. Nobody will work harder than we will work. I certainly can promise you that nobody will work harder than I personally will work. We will give every effort possible for the client, and we will always be considerate and thoughtful of the problems the client is going through on a day to day basis. This is something of which we can never lose sight of. When this case is over I want you to go back to your family and to the people in your law firm and say, “We sure made the right decision with going with Romano law firm. Let’s do it again.”.

I recognize that merely by virtue of the fact that you are looking at this video and visiting our site; that you may be going through a very difficult time in your life, and you have got to be saying to yourself, “Why Romano Law Group?” Here’s what I would say to you. “We will work night and day for you and your case. We will be loyal to you. You can depend upon us. You will know and have comfort in knowing that you have qualified lawyers who know what they’re doing, who are prepared, who know the law, who know procedure, and who care about the results.We also communicate with our clients. We take great pride in that. We want to let you know that you get our home phone numbers, you get our cell phone numbers, you get our personal e-mail. So that when something is on your mind, you can get in touch with us at anytime, day or night. We also are result oriented in the handling of your case. We set goals for clients’ cases by conferring with the clients and establishing what those goals need to be and how we can best get to obtaining or attaining those goals. I promise you that we will work day and night on your case and make every effort possible to get you the best result we can professionally and ethically.

You might ask, what is a negligent security case? This is were you are on someone else’s property and they have a special responsibility to protect you, to keep you safe. An example might be, you go to a concert on night. After the concert you go to the parking garage or parking facility. In the parking facility you are mugged. Why did that happen? If they knew they were suppose to have security guards on duty and they did not have them on duty or the security guards were off doing something were they were not paying attention, you may have a viable case.We want you to call us as rapidly as possible. It is not going to cost you anything to call us. The consultation is free. We can advise you of your rights. We can let you know what steps we need to take as far as an investigation goes, and we can get moving on doing the things your lawyer needs to do for you, to investigate the case in order to determine weather or not you have a valid and viable case. If you don’t have a good case we are going to tell you. If you do have a good and solid case, we are not only going to tell you exactly that, but we’re going to say “we want to represent you. Lets get going” and we will move forward.

Perhaps one of the most difficult decisions a family will every have to make, is when the time comes to take that precious human being, it might be Mom, it might be Dad, it might be Grandma or Grandpa or someone else, and to move them into a nursing home setting. Unfortunately, things always don’t go as hoped or as planned, and often that is because there is neglect by the nursing home staff or there is sadly, even abuse. Things to look for. When there are injuries that just don’t make sense when they happen; when you as a family member go to that nursing home staff and you start to ask questions and either they don’t have the answers or they don’t even want to talk to you about it, those are the tell-tale signs, something is up. We want to make sure that when you see these tell-tale signs, you get on the phone with us as rapidly as possible so that we can investigate the case for you. The worst thing that can happen is delay. When there is delay, evidence is lost. When there is delay, whatever case you may have, it becomes a weaker case. Call us. We will get on your case immediately. We will investigate it; and if there is a viable, legitimate case, it will be an honor to represent you.

Romano Law Group and John Romano are proud to have been part of the trial team that helped achieve a $1.6 million settlement for three northeastern Pennsylvania families.

Todd Romano and Eric Romano of Romano Law Group weigh in on advances in technology and the competitive legal landscape in Stetson Lawyer’s “The Changing Face of Trial Advocacy.”

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Our great constitution gives everyone, including innocent victims hurt due to the negligence of others, legal due process. That means we get access to the courtroom and our cases are judged by a jury of peers. At Romano Law Group, we want to protect your constitutional rights, and we think you should know that corporate America is trying to make changes to deny individual rights to the civil justice system.

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