Harrah’s Sued for Security Guard Beatings

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In lawsuits filed by Romano Law Group, our lawyers are representing victims who suffered brutal attacks by security guards of Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City. Recently featured on ABC’s 20/20, security footage shows security guards beating several guests.

This excessive force was unwarranted and turned what should have been a pleasant vacation into a nightmare for these guests.

One guest was slammed to the floor by security guards while his wife and daughter watched helplessly, crying out that he had a pacemaker. The daughter was wrestled to the floor and her nose was broken as her faced was smashed into the marble floor.

Another guest was jumped on, punched, kicked and stomped on after trying to get his ID back from a bouncer.

A former college basketball player was beaten with a baton by an off duty officer and Harrah’s security guards after he was refused re-entry into a pool party.

Each of the victims had raised their voice in protest to security actions, but none of them deserved to be physically assaulted. In each case, it is evident in the security camera footage, that security guards used excessive physical violence.

At Romano Law Group, we stand up for the rights of victims of this kind of violent abuse. If you have been assaulted by a third party, please call 561-533-6700 today or contact Romano Law Group to speak with one of our experienced attorneys.