A Dangerous Work Environment

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Shawn Cameron, 28, was catastrophically injured while installing aluminum framing at a commercial construction site. While being elevated on a scissor-lift, a piece of the framing that he was working with came into contact with overhead power lines 15 feet away, causing an explosion. Shawn caught fire and fell 25 feet, landing on a concrete floor, resulting in severe burns, a brain injury and loss of his right arm and left hand. His medical bills were nearly $2 million and his future medical bills were estimated to exceed $6 million.

Proving liability was extremely difficult as the defendants, who included the utility company, the general contractor and the subcontractor, all pointed their fingers at each other and at Mr. Cameron. The careful investigation by John Romano and Eric Romano revealed that the equipment rental company failed to provide Mr. Cameron with the required training, warnings and safety equipment, and that the electric utility company failed to insulate or de-energize the power lines, despite knowing that men would be working nearby. After seven years of litigation, John and Eric were able to negotiate a substantial settlement with both defendants.