High-stakes Sexual Assault Case

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John Doe, 18, was accused of raping and molesting a 15-year old family friend on numerous occasions while living in her family’s home for the summer. The adolescent first told her parents about the incident two years later, the day before her first gynecologist visit.

John Doe insisted that he was innocent, and that the allegations were false. Our investigation revealed evidence that the girl had fabricated the story to explain why her imminent gynecological exam would reveal that she had previously had sex. She claimed rape rather than explaining her sexual relations to her parents.

Despite this evidence, John Doe was charged and faced 15 years in prison. The case was handled by a veteran prosecutor, and the government was convinced that it would win a conviction. The governmentoffered John Doe a plea deal of five years in prison followed by 10 years of probation.

Eric Romano, a Florida Bar Board-certified criminal trial attorney, combined a solid strategy with a careful investigation of the evidence to obtain an acquittal for our client after an eight-day jury trial. In this emotional, high-stakes case, thorough investigation and diligent preparation led to a favorable result for our client.