Punished by Poor Representation

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John Doe, while represented by another attorney, entered a plea of guilty on his lawyer’s advice and was convicted of Solicitation to Commit First Degree Murder, despite clear and overwhelming evidence that he was not guilty. He was sentenced to probation and house arrest, but fled Florida shortly thereafter due to repeated death threats.

Charged with violating probation, John Doe faced life in prison if convicted. That’s when he hired attorney John Romano to represent him on the probation violation charge. John defended the case by asserting that his client received “ineffective assistance of counsel” in the original case and that his original attorney never should have advised him to plead guilty. He was, in fact, innocent.

Ultimately, there was a hearing/trial on the issue of ineffective assistance of counsel, and the presiding trial judge issued a 32-page order vacating the original conviction and sentence. With John Doe facing a trial on the original charge, John Romano then filed a Motion to Dismiss the case, which was granted following significant legal proceedings, thus ending the case and vindicating John Doe in this multi-year battle.