Video Transcript for the Hearing Impaired

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You might ask, what is a negligent security case? This is were you are on someone else’s property and they have a special responsibility to protect you, to keep you safe. An example might be, you go to a concert on night. After the concert you go to the parking garage or parking facility. In the parking facility you are mugged. Why did that happen? If they knew they were suppose to have security guards on duty and they did not have them on duty or the security guards were off doing something were they were not paying attention, you may have a viable case.We want you to call us as rapidly as possible. It is not going to cost you anything to call us. The consultation is free. We can advise you of your rights. We can let you know what steps we need to take as far as an investigation goes, and we can get moving on doing the things your lawyer needs to do for you, to investigate the case in order to determine weather or not you have a valid and viable case. If you don’t have a good case we are going to tell you. If you do have a good and solid case, we are not only going to tell you exactly that, but we’re going to say “we want to represent you. Lets get going” and we will move forward.

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